About me



I’m an English learner.  I love writing, nature, and photography.

I’m an authentic Libra.

My sun sign is Gentle Libra, which is ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and love

English name: Trina

Japanese name: Rinkitori

Thailand name: Ka Ri


Hi everyone!

I’m Trang, come from Vietnam :) I was born in Central Coast Vietnam, lived in the South for the past 10 years (for studying and working), and I usually travel to the North for vacation. You can find Vietnamese cuisine easily in restaurants around San Diego. I guess the most well-known is “Pho” – a kind of rice noodle soup – one of my English teachers at SDSU-ALI has recently told me that she’s also addicted to:))

Actually, I almost never join an English class with native speakers before, so I wanna make the most of the first time I study English at ALI. One of the reasons I chose ALI is that I can enjoy SDSU University atmosphere by observing an optional SDSU class, as well as improve my knowledge in business.

There are also many highlights that I really love to experience here in San Diego: nice weather, beautiful beaches, amazing places to visit,…

  • My keywords

– Traveling – Taylor Swift – Taking pictures

– Reading  – Rabbit – Romantic

A – Adele – Avocado – Adaptable

– Natural

– Girly – Gentle – Generous

Please leave me some messages and we can make friend!! Thanks a bunch!!


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