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I remember when I was a little kid, our family was so poor that what we usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner was banana or watermelon with fish sauce.

Some people might think it was miserable, but now when I think back, I think I was lucky. Because we are poor, we don’t watch TV, we read. My Dad was a passionate reader and writer. He always let me dream, do whatever I want, and protect me from “bad people”. He is the only one that I can lean on. When he left me after fighting cancer, I was devastated and hopeless. I gave up writing, what I’ve been doing for several years as a copywriter, threw myself in depression, quit my job, basically have no idea what to do with my life.

After going to many interviews and being rejected by as many companies, the only thought that keep coming to me was leaving my home country. Somehow. I didn’t know. I knew that I had too many thing here that will drag me down if I keep staying. I got lucky that day. Yes, fortunately, I got a ticket to the US. Except for my gut and the money I borrowed from my brother, I almost prepare nothing for the trip. No plan A. No plan B.

Almost 5 years of struggling with depress all by myself, looking for the way out, finally I see the light. It is just the beginning, might be a little bit late, but I feel so hopeful about the future.

However, this is when the adventure starts. This one is nothing like the others. Not because I got to explore a whole new culture, it was a long journey of introspection that I need to take on.

I always love to share my thoughts, so I am here, back to my journal, write my stories, just to nurture my own mind.

I am Trang.