Month: November 2011

Bookshelf – The Art of Racing in the rain

– Nghệ thuật đua xe trong mưa- New York Times best-selling novel I’m in love with this book from the

Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast – Chinese Noodle

Th This is my favourite dish for breakfast, here in Vietname, of course. It’s not only delicious, but also cheaper

The Musical vs. Dream High

Mình vốn dĩ không mê phim Hàn, lý do chính là ghét cái mô tuýp nhân vật nữ chính ngớ

Tips for Saving Money

Wallet I just bring a fixed amount of money when going out, enough for what I intend to buy. So

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

I took this photo 8 hours ago when I took a trip to the beach near my home city for

A good day for the wind to blow – A beautiful film!!

I’ve been watching this film from the first Ep.1, although it’s estimated that includes about more than 100 Eps. So

Fashion for foodies – Cảm hứng và sự kết hợp hoàn hảo

Image Source: Junk Fun I find out those gorgeous pics via my Google Buzz and they make me surprised and

“Lá nằm trong lá” – Như tìm thấy tình yêu

 “Lá nằm trong lá” chỉ đơn thuần là… tình yêu thơ trẻ, nhẹ nhàng bềnh bồng như những chiếc lá…..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

I’m keen on visting royal palace, where king, queen, prince and princess do their routine, there’s always many things to