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Weekly Photo Challenge 2012 – Indulge

This blogsite inspired me:)
Enjoy breakfast at HabourFront Station - Singapore:)
Indulge myself on weekend

Yeah, Here is mine, this week photo challenge – INDULGE:)

Thanks so much for your visit and kind comments:)

I love you all!!!

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge 2012 – Indulge

  1. Seafood! That’s my favorite since I’ve given up pork four years ago.

    1. yah, seafood’s also my favourite. it’s always the most fantastic dish to me:)

  2. I’m a lover of sea-food too, but here in the UK it has become very expensive for good quality.

    1. Here in Vietname, it’s also one of the most expensive food:)

    1. thanks so much for ur visit, Naik:)

  3. paella looks divine :) is that from a resto in singapore too?

    1. I’m not sure, Janis. You should visit Julia at her homesite:
      I just reblogged from her:)

    1. thanks Frizzzz:)

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