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Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast


This photo is taken at my grandparent’s – where I was born. When I were a child, I used to spend time to make those

conical hats (in Vietname – it’s called “Non la” – leaf hat). We made those vietnames style conical hats to earn our living, til now.

I suppose that there’s a little bit contrast in this photo, so I post it for this week challenge. Hope that it’s not out of our topic:)

Conical hats is going to be produced:)

You could see some beautiful photos here for futher reference :)

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36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

  1. Very nice, and well ‘framed’. I like that it’s clear and focused, too.

    1. Wow. i’m happy to hear that. Thanks so much, u’re so nice, Misky:)

  2. I like your conical hats! very aesthetic composition!

    1. ya, thanks so much frizze, i’m glad to see you here again in my homesite:)

  3. I love the, great contrast between light and shade!

    1. Wow, thanks so much Gilly.

  4. are you Vietnamese? By judging those conical hats I’m 80% sure that you come from Vietnam anyway a lovely picture

    1. Yes!!! I’m absolutely (100%) a Vietnamese girl!:)

  5. Love the texture made by the edges. Excellent photo.

    1. thanks so much, i’m so happy to hear that from you, ’cause I just took this photo by my smartphone, not by digital camera :)

    1. thanks for stopping by Chattle, i’ll visit ur lovely site:)

  6. Great photo for contrast. Thank you for the pingback :)

    1. you’re welcome:) thank your for stopping by:)

  7. I really, really like this shot!

    1. I’m really really in bliss to hear that. Thanks so much Rebekad:)

  8. beautiful hats – they contrast to the hats on your blog background. thank you also for sharing the story behind these handcrafted hats.

    1. thanks for ur nice comment:)

  9. Love your entry! Great shot.

    1. thanks so much for ur lovely comment:)

  10. I love this photo for its simplicity. The texture and the colours in contrast to the background

  11. Thanks so much, Maggie.Your comment is really meaningful to me:)

  12. Wow, great photo. I really love the shapes.

    1. thanks so much Louis,

    1. thanks so much, Naik:)

  13. Great shot. Liked it a lot.

    1. thanks a lot Arindam.

  14. lovely, Its nice, the colour, the contrash love it…
    visit me here, i have a new blog..i will show you the different picture inside Indonesia

    1. thanks Ascoline, ur blog is also awesome:) thanks so much for visiting my blog:)

    1. thanks a lot, SanVar:)

  15. That’s interesting.

    1. thanks a lot for ur visit and leaving ur lovely comment:)

  16. Beautiful capture. : )

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