October 10, 2010

Me Here

I’m an English learner. I write some posts in English in order to improve my English language skill. My blog is about everything that can help to “Pink” your life!

I’m an authentic Libra! My religion is pinkologie.


My sun sign is Gentle Libra, which is ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and love

=> That’s why I have “Venusa” name for my blog.

English name: Trina

Japanese name: Rinkitori Chishikatoji 

Thailand name: Ka Ri

Like saying romantic words to whom I love much.

I’m a gay supporter.

Watching films, I prefer “Behind the Scenes” than main scenes.

Watching  TV, I prefer Advertising Programme than others.


Fun (adjectives)  facts about me: From A 2 Z 

A – Anticipate – I’m good at anticipating something might happen, even simple things.

B – Bitchy, just a little bit

C – Crazy in love.

D – Dancing lover.

E – Enthusiast in many things: music, writing, reading, and listening to others.

F – I’m both Funny and Friendly.

G – Gentle. Actually, I’m A GENTLE gal.

H – Hand-made lover. I dedicated my time and energy to do something such as crochet or making something fun with papers, or doing scrapbooks.

I – IQ – I took an random test, and the result is: 100.5. What a shame!!

K – I have Keen ears.

L – Litterary and Lovely, Yes, that’s how I am.

M – (I’m not) easy to get MAD and being a MEAN girl.

N – (Sometimes) I’m Naughty. I love myself the most when I behave in a crazy way.

O – Open-minded is one of my advantage.

P – I’m prissy sometimes,  compliant often.

Q – i’m always be QUIET when being stressed, or have something sad.

R – Rabbity. Yah, that’s true, i’m rabbity. (Nhát như thỏ:)

S – I’m skinny girl.

T – Touchy, that’s why i’m easily cry out when watching tragedy.

U – i’m believer.

W – Whatever I think, I try to think the opposite. Everything has always 2 sides.

X – I love giving X.O ( kisses and hugs) to my beloved ones.

Y – (I’m) Yea-sayer.

Z – My favourite animal is ZEBRA.

I’m never the best, and  just don’t desire to be the best, but Always try my best to move forward 🙂

Just me in me!

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