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Fun (adjectives)  facts about me: From A 2 Z 

A - Anticipate - I'm good at anticipating something might happen, even simple things.

B - Bitchy, just a little bit

C - Crazy in love.

D - Dancing lover.

E - Enthusiast in many things: music, writing, reading, and listening to others.

F - I'm both Funny and Friendly.

G - Gentle. Actually, I'm A GENTLE gal.

H - Hand-made lover. I dedicated my time and energy to do something such as crochet or making something fun with papers, or doing scrapbooks.

I - IQ - I took an random test, and the result is: 100.5. What a shame!!

K - I have Keen ears.

L - Litterary and Lovely, Yes, that's how I am.

M - (I'm not) easy to get MAD and being a MEAN girl.

N - (Sometimes) I'm Naughty. I love myself the most when I behave in a crazy way.

O - Open-minded is one of my advantage.

P - I'm prissy sometimes,  compliant often.

Q - i'm always be QUIET when being stressed, or have something sad.

R - Rabbity. Yah, that's true, i'm rabbity. (Nhát như thỏ:)

S - I'm skinny girl.

T - Touchy, that's why i'm easily cry out when watching tragedy.

U - i'm believer.

W - Whatever I think, I try to think the opposite. Everything has always 2 sides.

X - I love giving X.O ( kisses and hugs) to my beloved ones.

Y - (I'm) Yea-sayer.

Z - My favourite animal is ZEBRA.

I'm never the best, and  just don't desire to be the best, but Always try my best to move forward 🙂

Just me in me!

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  1. Tintin says:

    Hi!:)) Love ur writing!

  2. dinhthipecc2 says:

    minh cung la dan nha trang ne
    cho minh ket ban zoi nha

    1. Libraland says:

      Okie, nice to meet u. Mình ở Cam Ranh chứ ko phải Nha trang đâu.hi`hi`.

  3. addielicious says:

    Hi there. Thanks for subscribing. See you around WP. 😀

    1. Venusa says:

      Hi guy, thanks for stopping by my site. glad to see ya.:)

    1. Venusa says:

      hi guy! thanks for visiting me:)

    2. Venusa says:

      hi guy, i’ve read ur blog and so surprised seeing my link there. thanks so much.:)

  4. Hey Venusa,

    Thanks for following my blog. Your blogsite is also very cool! I like your photos. I think you are a great photographer. Are you from Thailand? Anyway, it’s nice meeting you. Take care, always.

    1. Venusa says:

      Hi, nice to meet u, too. i’m just love taking photos, not a photographer:) I’m Vietnamese, but I just travelled to Thailand once 2 years ago.:)

  5. frizztext says:

    Q – i’m always be QUIET when being stressed – compliment, a good strategy!

  6. Chúc “Thiên Bình” hãy thiên bình nhé

  7. Hae Ry says:

    oh! Dung la ban c toan ng nuoc ngoai that. Aiz! E muon dk nhu c, nhung ma ko co gjoi tieng anh nen ko dam! T_T

    1. Venusa says:

      Chi cung ko gioi tieng Anh lam dau em oi. Chi xai tieng Anh loan xa ngau het len:)hehe.

  8. Hi Venusa, I liked the way you mentioned about you in A to Z. But I was not able to read the lines written in Thai(I dont Know) but I guess your star is Libra. I am Libra too!! 🙂

    1. Venusa says:

      hi Ginger, yes, you’re right. Libra is my horoscope:) Btw, I’m vietnamese, and I’m just trying to improve my English. Btw. I prefer writing in my mother-langue:) however, if so, my wordpress-mate like you couldn’t understand what i wanna say:) Welcome to my world, Ginger. Nice to meet u.

  9. Hung says:

    A very nice blog and a lively and lovely soul 🙂

    1. Venusa says:

      thanks so much ban Hung:)

  10. aRVee says:

    Happy New Year! All the best in 2012! 🙂

    1. Venusa says:

      thanks so much, Arvee, Wishing you a lucky, happy and joyful New Year!!!!

  11. parwatisingari says:

    yes you are lovely, I love the que sara-sara, I am WrMo too.

    1. Venusa says:

      nice to meet u here, thanks so much for stopping by my homesite:)

  12. Clays Nguyen says:

    Rất vui khi biết bạn 🙂

    1. Venusa says:

      Hihi, cam on ban da ghe tham nha to nha.

  13. Trang Dinh says:

    Đã lâu ko quan tâm tới ngôi nhà online của mình. Quyết tâm xây dựng lại từ đầu từ hôm nay:)

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