Weekly Photo Challenge – Waiting

Although my dear puppy left me years ago – he might be kipnapped when I went out – but I couldn’t stop thinking of my cute puppy.  I miss him so much when seeing this photo… Pray he’s still alive.  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast – Chinese Noodle

Th This is my favourite dish for breakfast, here in Vietname, of course. It’s not only delicious, but also cheaper than others.  I and my love often enjoy it whenever we’re dying for it. People call it Chinese Noodle. Have you ever tasted it?  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

I took this photo 8 hours ago when I took a trip to the beach near my home city for weekend. This work makes me surprised, but I wonder if it is considered as a wonder, and hope that my post’s not digress from the topic “Wonder” this week. However, the sea is disappointing. Enjoy…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

I’m keen on visting royal palace, where king, queen, prince and princess do their routine, there’s always many things to discover there. 2 photos below are taken when I had a visit to Summer Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. It was almost made of wood and has a raft of windows everywhere. Enjoy it!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Another way to hide urself: Fly high and nobody can’t recognize you:)) I took this photo when travelling to Nha Trang city, Vietnam. The sky is beautiful, isn’t it?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

“Up Moments” with my colleagues on Team Buiding Day!!! That’s always be funny and wonderful memories we’ve had together…